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Across India we are seeing exciting changes in the church, and a hunger in the heart of a new generation who are willing to be the wineskin for what God longs to do in the nation.

There are many who no longer are prepared to say the ‘old is good enough', but are challenging the status quo, not just for the sake of it but because they know ‘yesterdays ways will only produce yesterdays results'. For this new generation it has become time to re-think the way we do things.

For many it has become time to look at church and leadership, to look at our worship and spirituality, the way people are formed spiritually and time to examine the effect of our lives in the community; and ask ‘is the Kingdom coming'?

For many, such questions turn to re-thinking things through, praying into what they see and being willing to change. It is our goal at Spirit and Word to serve that process through being a ‘prophetic' voice; strengthening what is already starting to take place.

It is our desire to encourage the Church by providing:

•  A free ‘Prophetic' Internet magazine.
•  Articles and studies that help us become ‘Apostolic' in our Church life.
•  Free Mp3 messages
•  Providing useful links with other organisations .

It is our hope that you will subscribe to our free internet magazine and recommend it to others, or let us have their email address and we will ensure that they are added to our subscriber's directory.

We hope you will enjoy the magazine you receive and come back to this site again to check out the mp3s and articles which will be added from time to time.

We wish you every blessing as you serve the King and His Kingdom

‘Spirit and Word'